Monday, February 19, 2007

Big Bullard's Day

If you were to ride Bullard's Bar sometime just after the next rainfall, you would probably experience the best trail conditions that system has ever seen.

Why? Because on Sunday, some 40+ BONC and SBTS volunteers joined forces to put in a complete set of trail enhancements. Check out some photos (and let me know if you have any others). The trailwork included:
  • Lopping and trimming overgrowth on the whole trail system
  • Improving drainage features on a number of trails, including backsloping
  • Cutting a new short connector trail between 7-Ball and 8-Ball Trails and sign installation
  • Removing tree stumps in various locations
  • Installation of culverts on Bullard's Bar Trail
Thank you to everyone who participated, including the Tahoe National Forest staff.

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