Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ghost Train Redux

Kudos to the Tahoe National Forest and the Nevada County Woods Riders who put in a hard day of work improving the Ghost Train (Excelsior) trail near Burlington Ridge on Saturday. According to Joe Chavez of the USFS, they achieved the following:
  • Created rolling dips along the entire switchback section for long-term drainage.
  • Debermed portions of the switchback hill section, for drainage.
  • Rerouted a 150' overly steep section.
  • Enlarged and flattened (a little) 2 of the 19 switchbacks.
If the area is not under snow this Sunday, volunteers plan to work out there again. Want to help out? Show up at the Chalk Bluff staging area at 9:00 AM. We need some mountain bikers to show up and contribute!

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