Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scotts Flat Recap

BONC had another great effort on the Scott's Flat Trail last Sunday. BONC joined forces with the Nevada Onions team to clear this badly overgrown trail. Lots of lopping and trimming as two power hedgetrimmers blazed along. We cleared the section from the boat launch heading west to the dam.

This spring, we can do some additional work to repair the muddy sections on this trail. In the meantime, it would be useful you could bring handheld clippers on our rides down there and trim back the trail east of the boat launch just a bit at a time.

Thank you to all participants! It is great we showed NID that we can successfully work on projects like this. It bodes well for other NID trail projects.


BluWarrior69 (S. Dunbar) said...

Hi there...just wondering if there has ever been talk of making a connector trail from the bottom of Casci Ranch road, around the east side of Scott's Flat Lake, and back towards Cascade Shores. I've been doing some map and Google Earth scouting for that area recently to see if it's possible. I know that there is NID and Tahoe NF property up there, so it may be possible. Thanks for a great blog site.
Sean Dunbar

John said...

Sean, it is a great question. Google just published a new layer that shows boundaries of USFS land and that could help any planning of such a trail. I'll try and take a look as well.