Monday, July 24, 2006

Creating a Future Great Ride

Trailwork days are not all created equal. Some are laborious and sweaty. And some are laborious, sweaty and incredibly rewarding. The latter aptly describes Saturday's trail building on the Donner Lake Rim Trail. After riding Hole-in-the-Ground Saturday and camping, we worked away on a delicious piece of Sierra singletrack from near Hole-in-the-Ground towards Summit Lake. We worked a multi-use section that will end up creating the next great local high country ride.

Our efforts involved some very interesting rock work, which is always exhausting but absolutely fascinating. For folks like me who dig a technical trail, this is your chance to make a section as fun and challenging as you want. You can lay out the trail exactly as you see fit given the available layout and collection of rocks. It combines the high of Legos with the satisfaction of building something that will make you shout "yeeehaaaw".

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benja said...

Awesome work. You are an inspiration. I loveLOVElove the technical stuff, be it big and bold in the high country or twisty and rugged down here in the Bay Area.

Keep up the great work and I'll be joining in on one of these trailbuilding sessions in the future! Glad I found this blog.