Sunday, November 13, 2005

Spenceville Input Needed

In response BONC's effort to open and share trails at Spenceville, the California Department of Fish and Game has scheduled a "focus group meeting" on December 13th at 6 to 7:30PM to discuss "Trail Users" at Spenceville Wildlife Area. The meeting will occur at the Yuba County Library at 303 2nd Street in Marysville. RSVP required; send an email to beverly dot bass at foothill dot com

Please consider attending this meeting. You can bet the anti-bike crowd will be there, so we need to represent the multiple use trail community. Again, we want to use, share and build trails at Spenceville.

If you cannot attend the focus group, you may send comments, probably easiest via email to scordes at dfg dot ca dot gov. Put "Spenceville Wildlife Area" in the subject line. Submit by 11/30! Mention how responsible mountain bicyclists and equestrians understand the Rules of the Trail; that you share this knowledge with everyone they ride with; that you support the design and construction of environmentally sensitve trails and volunteer with land managers and other user groups to achieve excellent trails system design; that Spenceville's terrain is optimum for shared use trails.

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