Monday, November 26, 2007

More Fun on the Sandusky Trail

Alison sends us some details on the upcoming Sandusky trail building extravaganza:

"Dates: Friday, November 30th - Tuesday, December 4th, Weather permitting.

Scope: Work is proposed to commence Friday morning from three points on the remainder of the unfinished section of the Sandusky Trail. Access to these starting locations will be from the Ridge Road Trail Head. This is approx. 3 miles past the Forest City "mountain house road" turnoff on Ridge Road. Trail head will be flagged with vehicles parked along road."

No idea when the trailwork begins though. Alison? Zachi?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trail Building at the Old Airport

Word is that about ten people helped out to build and improve trails at the old Nevada City airport last week. The effort was head up by Debra Little and featured the talents of the Miners high school team. I have not made it up to the airport to check out the work, but Debra tells me that they finished everything they intended to get done.

Trails so close to town are super important. They represent recreational opportunities for everyone without requiring a long car trip to access them.